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Guests Jottings

John and Irene in NZ - newtonmore guest house, newtonmore bed and breakfastIrene & I have been in business since the turn of the century, most recently here at Crubenbeg House. We are proud and, at the same time, humbled, by the number of our customers who choose to return time and again.

Over the years, in the company of these guests, we have been privileged to enjoy numerous episodes – some humorous, some touching and, yes, some a little embarrassing for us, perhaps. All, however, are memories we cherish and all are part of the rich tapestry of life here, significantly contributing to the "Crubenbeg Experience", if you like.

These are stories that mature and improve with age - as these things do. We seem to savour them more with each retelling.

But, we wondered, do our guests feel the same way as we do? There was surely only one way to find out. So, we invited a cross-section of our regulars – folk who've come to know us well – to each write a short piece for this section of our website.

Modestly, we asked them to avoid being too fulsome in their praise – that not what we wanted at all. Instead, we explained, they should simply recount any particular moments or episodes that sprung to mind from their stays with us.

So here, unedited, unexpurgated and uncensored, are their recollections, told in their own words.

Irene & I hope that these tales bring a smile to your face and brighten your day a wee bit too.

Our Travels

Routeburn - New ZealandPerhaps travel cannot prevent bigotry, but by demonstrating that all peoples cry, laugh, eat, worry and die, it can introduce the idea that if we try and understand each other, we may even become friends.” Maya Angelou.

The more I travelled, the more I realised that fear makes strangers of people who should be friends." Shirley MacLaine.

Once, twice or even more each year, as time and budget allow, Irene & I like to get away, to go and visit places, meet folk and experience different things.

We are fortunate that our travels have taken us to many destinations, some close to home on our own sceptered isle and others as far afield as the Antipodes. Vietnam, Sri Lanka and Norway, to name but a few.

Each year, we try to combine returning to places that we know & love with adventures to pastures new. Sometimes the nice surprises, the real treats are on our doorstep, undiscovered only for the want of looking!

This can lead to some interesting discussion between us as there are, inevitably, some differences of opinion as to where to go, what to see and what to do. So far, these have always been resolved amicably.

As we don’t want to bore you, here are a few jottings about our most recent trips.

Panoramic View at Crubenbeg

What our guests say

"We arrived as guests and left as friends."

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  • Special Offer Breaks

    We’re often told that our prices offer great value for money – something that is important in this day & age. That said, as we arrive at the start of each month, we usually have a few gaps in the register, which we like to get filled.

    This is your chance to enjoy even better value, with one of our wee “package deals”. Take a look at what’s on offer over the next few weeks.

  • Special Interest Breaks

    Throughout the year, we set aside weekends for our very popular Special Interest Breaks. Topics we’ve covered include; Walking, Cookery, Fungi Hunting, painting and Photography. Take a look at what’s on offer this year and see if something takes your fancy.

  • Something Special Breaks

    Quite simply, a very Special Break for that “Someone Special” in your life – your partner, your parents, your sons or daughters or those special friends – when only the best will do. Take a look, you might even want to book one for yourself!!


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  • Twixmas Breaks

    Our relaxing Twixmas Breaks give you the chance to put your feet up and, in modern parlance, “chill out”, in between the delightful hurly burly of Christmas & Hogmanay.

  • Hogmanay Breaks

    On one of our popular Hogmanay Breaks you’ll get to see in the New Year in very comfortable surroundings, with great food and drink and in the company of like-minded fellow guests.

    The Torchlit Procession, Fireworks, Auld Lang Syne and our New Year’s Day Walk are all included in this tremendous value package.


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