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What our Customers Say

speechbubble greenOur guests are the lifeblood of our business and about half of our bookings are from folk who have stayed with us before. Someone once told us that we must be getting something right!! Over the years, we've also been touched by what guests have been kind enough to say about their stays here at Crubenbeg House and, sometimes, about us too.

Things got underway back in 2000 when, at The Rowan Tree, our previous hotel, our longest standing guests of all time, who have been staying with us since April 2000, wrote in the Guest Book we had back then; "We arrived as guests and left as friends." That sentiment beautifully captures what we try to achieve for all our visitors here at Crubenbeg House.

We don't want to appear immodest in any way, indeed, we feel very humbled that so many of our guests do feel moved to comment and to post reviews on the likes of Trip Advisor.

To help you decide whether you'd like to come and stay with us, we have chosen a few extracts from our Trip Advisor Reviews. Our thanks to everyone who has been kind enough to post something for us – we know who you are and we are very grateful that you chose to take the time.

Here we go then:

" ...anyone who doesn't enjoy their stay at Crubenbeg needs a check up from the neck up!" Jason H.

".....a special place run by special people." Philli47.

"Felt like old friends." Spasman.

"This has to be one of the best places I've ever stayed, and I've stayed in a few" - Keith B.

"This is one very special place – exceptional quality accommodation and food in a wonderful location." - Devon MB.

"The breakfasts in the morning are to die for." - Jason H.

"John is a really funny guy and his wife cooks really well." - Gretelle_00

"John & Irene were exceptionally friendly, fun and knowledgeable." – Ruthie 1000

" matter how stressed you are feeling at the start of your holiday, John & Irene work their 'magic' and you feel instantly relaxed." - Pamela G80

"We have stayed at a number of "wheelchair-friendly" B&B's and have had very stressful experiences. From the very moment we arrived at Crubenbeg, all our concerns were put to rest." – r2catties

There you go, just a wee taste of what folk have said about us.

However, if you'd like to be happy that we've not just picked the best bits, go on - take a look for yourself at the full reviews on our Trip Advisor page.

Hurricane Bawbag

And I'll huff & I'll puff.........the arrival of Hurricane Bawbag.

8th December 2011.

You'll recall, perhaps, the day back in 1987 when the BBC weatherman, Michael Fish famously said that, as far as he was aware, the rumours of hurricane force winds were unlikely to come to fruition.

How wrong he was!! I was out jogging that morning and at one or two points on my route, was physically stopped in my tracks by a gust of wind. Further south, the devastation was immense, whole forests down, buildings damaged, roads & rail lines blocked, cars & lorries pulverised and landscapes changed forever.

This all came to mind again on 8th December 2011, when storm force winds were forecast for our part of Scotland. Forecast they were and arrive they did – with a vengeance.

We regularly get strong winds here at Crubenbeg, occasionally bringing down branches, blowing out a fence paling and dislodging the odd roof tile or two.

Nothing prepared us for that day, though. We'd "battened down the hatches, made everything in the grounds as secure as it can be and settled back in the house to hear the winds, ever increasing, whistling round the house.

There was a clatter from the back patio as a couple of roof tiles dropped and became jigsaw puzzles, there was a loud crash from above Stag, our 4-Poster room, which we found out later had been a flying branch re-arranging the roof tiles on the dormer.

The fence line outside the dining room windows began to resemble a mouth full of broken & missing teeth and, with a groan, the double gate gave way and flew off toward Newtonmore.

Stronger & stronger the gales huffed & puffed until at about noon Sian, our neighbour, rang to tell us to get out of the house. There had been an almighty flash, illuminating the sombre green grey of the day and some of our lovely old Scots pines were dropping like flies!!

Outside, it was mayhem. The bank behind us resembled a scene from a Spielberg war movie set. The flash had been from a power cable severed by a falling tree, the cable thrashing about in the wind. A total of 9 trees had come down, either fallen flat on the ground or leaning drunkenly against more resolute neighbours. The root boles were immense, pointing starkly skywards above the large holes they'd vacated.

Finlay our electrician was working nest door – he came to ensure that the contact breakers had done their job and that the cable was made safe. Tommy, our Tree Surgeon, battled his way down to assess whether any trees represented a threat to life & limb – they didn't. Walking round the grounds we must have resembled characters from a cartoon, leaning into the teeth of the storm and staggering forwards in jerky, puppet-like movements, always keeping an eye out for flying branches.

Rajah was having a great time, with all the fallen sticks to play with – at least until he got thrown over by a sudden gust, at which point he decided that his usual place under my desk was a safer place to be.

Then the power went out. The house was inert. Like tens of thousands of others - no light, no heat, no phones, no Facebook, no E-bay (actually they're no loss!). We sat, Irene, Rajah & I, eating our cheese by candlelight and reading by the light of our head-torches.

Unlike many, many other, including half of Newtonmore, which stayed powerless for most of the next day, after just four hours in the dark, the house flickered back into life and, apart from a couple of short outages over the next couple of days, the power stayed on.

Over the next 3 days, Tommy & his lads worked like Trojans, sawing, chipping, roping and dragging to make the trees safe and begin the process of producing 10 years worth or so of firewood.

With the loss of so many trees, our landscape has changed quite a bit, as you'll see when next you're here. We've not decided what we're going to do with the bank at the back, it will just need to carry on looking sorry for itself for a wee while yet.

It was a Weather Bomb, that's been named Hurricane Bawbag here in Scotland, which brought the winds. Those winds huffed & they puffed with all their might, but they didn't manage to blow our house down.

 Visit the image gallery to see pictures of Hurricane Bawbag

Our Recommendations - Places To Stay



As you'd expect, in the course of our travels, we have stayed in a fair number of different establishments. Large or small, ancient or modern, city or country, they've all had something to commend them, though, in a few notable instances, we find it impossible to remember quite what!!

That said, there are a number of places which stand out in our memories as being well worth us recommending them to you.

If you do decide to give them a try, was we hope you will, we know that you'll not be disappointed.


Tigh_nan_Ubhal- Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Tongue. – Tigh nan Ubhal.

Angela & Jimmy's super Guest House, right in the middle of Tongue, is that ideal combination of two lovely people, really comfortable rooms, scrumptious breakfast, a warm welcome and very friendly service. What more could you want. Tarry for more than a night, it'll be worth it.

Greenhill - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Scourie. – Greenhill.

Evelyn's lovely B&B in Scourie is a treasure, with simple but well equipped, comfortably furnished rooms and with a well-cooked, simple breakfast, which you order the night before.

Amusingly, the first time we stayed with her, she convinced herself that we were the VisitScotland Inspectors!! She was very nervous when we arrived needlessly because Evelyn maintains very high standards through the house and is very, very welcoming.


tighnasith - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Lochinver. – Tigh na Sith.

We ought not forget a lovely Guest House in Lochinver, wonderfully run by two young friends of ours, Cameron & Eleanor. You can read more either on their own page on our site or on their own website. Go on, spoil yourselves with a 2 or 3 night stay, you know you deserve it.

torran-cottage-logo Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation Lochinver. – Torran Cottage (Self Catering)

Torran Cottage is owned by our long-standing good friends Nick & Patrycja. This delightful traditional cottage has been lovingly refurbished by them to the very highest standard for your comfort & convenience. Sleeping up to 4, Torran Cottage nestles in its own very private grounds, just a few steps away from the harbour front at Lochinver.

Pentland Lodge Thurso. – Pentland Lodge House.

Whether you’re looking to take the Ferry across to Orkney or you are touring round the glorious north coast of Scotland, this is an ideal place for you to stay.

Just a moment or two’s drive from either the ferry terminal or the town centre, Liz runs a really welcoming B&B with very comfy rooms and a good breakfast, even at the early hour needed for you to catch the first ferry!!

Pentland Lodge is dog-friendly and also has good level access plus a Category One wheelchair-friendly room.


Farlam_Hall - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Brampton, Carlisle. – Farlam Hall Hotel.

Quintessentially British, this superbly run, small Country House Hotel is amongst the best, of that there is no doubt. Quite formal (they ask that gentlemen wear jackets for dinner) yet cosy & very friendly, we learnt a great deal from the way that Mr & Mrs Quinion, Helen & Barry run things. Indeed, they were the inspiration for much of what we do and the standards we aspire to here at Crubenbeg House.


Casa_Nickel - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Calonge. – Casa Nickel.

Trevor & Joan run a super wee B&B, set high on a hill overlooking Palamos Bay north of Barcelona in northern Spain. It is a great location, just 35 minutes from Girona Airport and perfect for exploring all the attractions in this lovely part of Spain. It is bliss sitting out on their patio enjoying your breakfast or, later in the day, a glass of wine or beer. A dip in their Jacuzzi or pool is a wonderful way to relax too.

Posada_la_Plaza - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Canillas de Albaida. – Posada la Plaza.

Just 50 minutes from Malaga Airport yet a world away from the Costa, Canillas is one of the classic white villages, perched high in the Andalucian foothills. There are walks aplenty nearby, in stunning scenery and it is a good base for touring too.

Posada la Plaza. As the hotel's name suggests it is set on the square in the middle of the village. Owned & run by Gustavo, it is a simple, delightfully relaxing place to settle in for a few days. His restaurant, just across the Plaza is good too, though there are also a couple of other places to eat in the village which offer good food, good value and a great local atmosphere. 

Read our recommendations for places to eat...

Our Recommendations - Places To Eat



As well as travel, another of our favourite pastimes is eating out, whenever time permits, of course. We very much enjoy the guidance given by Ron McKenna in his weekly column for the Glasgow Herald. Following his advice, we’ve not yet put a foot wrong.

For us, a good place to eat doesn’t need to be posh or expensive, we just look for good quality food, well served in a convivial atmosphere, which is great value for money.

Our views on the eateries local to us are detailed on the Eating Out page on our site, as you’ve perhaps seen. Moving further afield, though, here’s a list of a few places where we’ve very much enjoyed ourselves. If you are in their neck of the woods, we have no hesitation in recommending that you give them a try.

Scotland - Up North

Cocoa_Mountain- Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Durness. – Cocoa Mountain.

This is a really nice café in a unit on an old radar station at Balnakiel just west of Durness. They specialise in all things chocolate and serve hot chocolate & coffee to die for, really nice nibbles too, especially all their wonderful chocolate products. Mmmm.

They’ve also opened a new branch in Auchterarder!!

Caberfeidh - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Lochinver. – The Caberfeidh.

This really friendly wee place, with its cosy dining room and welcoming bar, is now under new ownership. We've not been able to go up and try it yet - fingers crossed that it is at least as good as it was. If so, it'll be a super place to eat when you’re staying at Tigh na Sith, though we do recommend that you book to make sure of your table.

Seaforth - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Ullapool. – The Seaforth.

Sitting where they are, overlooking the harbour & ferry port, they could so easily rip people off here. But they do not. We have enjoyed every single meal we’ve had there – it is a great menu, with a really good choice of local dishes and, you can sit outside, under their canopy with your dog too!!


Inverness - Rocpool.

Quite why it took us as long as it did to try this restaurant, we cannot say. Pressure of work, we guess. It was, however, well worth the wait. A really pleasant atmosphere, wide ranging menu, well cooked and presented and it doesn't break the bank. The lunch and pre-theatre menus are even better value.

Scotland - Central Belt


Irene’s home city is also home to a plethora of restaurants, some of which have become firm favourites of ours.

Chardon_DOr - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Chardon d’Or

As Ron McKenna says, quite why Brian Maule, the chef proprietor here, has not got a Michelin Star is a mystery. He doesn’t need one though, even if he deserves one. Great value, top-end dining, perfect for that special occasion, even in these cash strapped times.

Mother_India_Cafe - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Mother India Café.

There is, of course a vast choice of Indian Restaurants in Glasgow, many of them very well established and very fine indeed – the Koh I Noor & Shenaz come to mind. However, our current favourite is Mother India Café, just opposite Kelvingrove Gallery. In this very small establishment, you’ll feel the buzz the second you walk in. You get to choose from a very wide menu of “tapas” sized dishes and you’ll perhaps get to rub shoulders with the rich and famous who, like you, will have queued to get in as they do not take bookings. Superb.

Piccolo Mondo

Piccolo Mondo.

As a real fan of authentic Italian Cooking, Irene knew the Renfrew Branch of Piccolo Mondo very well in years past. Then, just last year, some guests recommended The Glasgow outpost, saying it is seriously worth a visit.

John had his heart set on the Salsiccia con Fagioli but, as we were there just before Christmas, it was not on the Festive Menu. How his face fell. He brightened up considerable, though, a few minutes later, when the Maître d' appeared with a portion which the chefs had made specially!! Great service or what?




The_Dogs - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

The Dogs.

Our favourite – The Dogs. This was the very first of the new breed of restaurant bars in Edinburgh, now much imitated but, as yet, not bettered. In this lovely upstairs room, Mr Ramsdens’ chefs champion the use of Scottish & British ingredients in their extensive menu. Super food, very well cooked, tremendous atmosphere, no airs or graces, great service & stunning value – we love it.

Bar Frizzante

Bar Frizzante.

Currently our favourite Italian in Edinburgh. Well located for The Usher Hall, Lyceum and the Kings & Festival Theatres, this small restaurant, not very imposing from outside, is well worth walking through the door. The menu offers a wide range of genuine Italian dishes, all very well cooked in the open plan kitchen and pleasantly served by the owner and his staff.

John's favourite, which he had had on every single visit, as a starter, is the Parmaigiana Nonna Carmela. Mmmmm.

Scotland - Other

Scotts - Crubenbeg Guest House Newtonmore,newtonmore bed and breakfast, dog friendly accommodation

Troon. – Scotts.

There is a way to “ease the pain” of flying with Ryanair out of Prestwick. We’ve sussed it out -here’s the recipe.

Book to stay at the new Travelodge at Ayr the night before you fly and book your car into Watsons Airpark for the next morning. Then take the short drive up the road and dine at Scotts in the yacht haven at Troon. A touch of civilisation before the mayhem of your flight.

We’ve eaten here 4 or 5 times now (while those "nice folk" at Ryanair still flew from Prestwick to Girona), and every time it gets our break off to a really good start. You can choose to eat in the bar or the restaurant, it matters not, the quality is all the same.

After a lovely meal, you’ll enjoy your few hours’ sleep before jetting off to who-knows-where.

Read our recommendations for places to stay...

Tigh na Sith - a Top Quality B&B


Our_houseTigh na Sith - A Friendly Top Quality Guest House.

We'd like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Tigh na Sith (pronounced Tie na Shee), a lovely Guest House run by some folk who have become friends of ours, David & Irene.

Tigh na Sith is set in its own grounds in an elevated peaceful location looking out over the picturesque harbour in Lochinver on Scotland's rugged north west coast.

David & Irene have 3 guest bedrooms, all with en-suite showers & WC's and equipped to a similar level to Crubenbeg, ensuring you'll enjoy a comfortable stay with them.

There are two rooms on the ground floor, as is the superb Guest Lounge and Breakfast Room, which is great news for guests for whom stairs are a bit of a problem.

EagleviewThe Guest Lounge and Breakfast Room plus two of the bedrooms enjoy those stunning views out over the harbour.

You'll also enjoy their great breakfasts, with a good choice of dishes ranging from the Full Scottish through to lighter options, plus a couple of special menu items that offer you something just a little bit different. As we do here at Crubenbeg, special dietary needs are very well catered for too.

Unlike other B&B's or Guest Houses in the Lochinver area, David & Irene welcome single guests.


Lochinver, Assynt & Sutherland - waiting to be discovered, by you.

It is a sad fact of life that far too many visitors choose to simply rush through Assynt & Sutherland, frequently staying just the one-night in the area, not even remotely scratching the surface of what is a unique, very special part of Scotland.

On the Tigh na Sith website, you'll find concise notes about the many & varied things that there are to see and do and, we're sure you'll agree that a longer stay - 2, 3 nights or even more - is well worth it.

Achmelvich_BeachThere are glorious, peaceful, sandy beaches, remote wee coves, rugged coastline and tiny hamlets to explore. There are walks to suit all abilities, too numerous to mention here and even an all abilities, wheelchair-friendly trail just a few miles from Lochinver.

You can enjoy a splendid coffee & cake at the café next to Britain's remotest bookshop just a short drive from Lochinver or a truly magnificent Hot Chocolate at Cocoa Mountain when you're up in Durness. You're also not short of quality places to get a bite to eat or a wee drink in Lochinver which is a lively, friendly village with other good local services - a garage, health centre and shops, should the need arise.

Once refreshed, imagine, if you will, having the palm of one hand on one piece of rock, the palms of your other hand on an adjacent, but separate, rock and learning that the 2 rocks differ in age by over 5 million years!! Wow! The landscape in Assynt & Sutherland is amongst the oldest in Great Britain, indeed, in the whole of Europe, with spectacular mountains, the likes of Suilven, Canisp & Stac Polly, which can only be described as unique.

What is more, you don't even need to climb them; you can see them from afar if you're using Tigh na Sith as a base for touring the area.

Birdwatching, fishing, loch cruises. history, cycling and archaeology - all are available when you stay at the Guest House. You can even play golf too, with a choice of two courses, including the northernmost course in Great Britain, just a modest drive away.

Two Centre Holidays

When you're planning your holiday to Scotland you might want to consider getting the best of both worlds with a few days stay up in Lochinver combined with a few days more with us, here at Crubenbeg.

We hope that idea takes your fancy. If so, please contact either ourselves or David & Irene at Tigh na Sith, either by e-mail or using the Contact Form on either of the websites.

Simply fill in the details and let us know your preferred dates to stay in each Guest House. We'll be in touch with each other to check availability, and will get back to you very quickly, as you'd expect.

That's all there is to it so do e-mail us or pick up the phone - Irene & I and David & Irene look forward to hearing from you and then to welcoming you to our respective establishments.


Panoramic View at Crubenbeg

What our guests say

"We arrived as guests and left as friends."

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