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"The stay at Crubenbeg and the difference it makes was never more obvious to me than this May, 2011.

After a delightful few days in John & Irene's company, we headed on to the west coast and our next place to stay, which looked fabulous on the website. The location was perfect; we were looking forward to finding another really nice place.

Eva-and-Martin visit NewtonmoreBut, sad to say, it was only going to be a one-time stay. The owner was polite but everything felt so incredibly impersonal and then, when we found those dreadful "Do not"- or, even worse, "Do"- cards around our room, we were happy that our stay would be for only one night. It was an even worse experience with us having arrived directly from Crubenbeg House, where the only cards you will ever see are the beautiful Christmas cards that John & Irene send out every year.

We came across Crubenbeg House just by chance, finding it with the almighty 6-lettered search engine. At first it was just supposed to be a short stay on one of our regular Scotland trips. Like at so many other places we were expecting some nice words, nice rooms and maybe a decent breakfast.

However, what a surprise awaited us when we got there. We were greeted like friends, not just by John and Irene but also by their other guests. It was a great stay - especially when I first encountered Irene's incredibly delicious breakfast stack. After that first visit we made it a special aim to spend at least 2 or 3 nights at Crubenbeg every time we travel to Scotland.

We particularly enjoyed a memorable Christmas at Crubenbeg - it was great seeing some of the other guests again and the Christmas walk through freshly fallen snow in bright sunshine was something very special.

I think I can say that we not only found some very nice hosts and fellow guests but also friends in the Scottish Highlands."

Eva Schedlberger – Austria

To see some of Eva's Photographs, visit her Gallery.