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Pancake_StacksmallWe can think of no better way to get your day started than with a good breakfast.

Whether you go for Porridge and the "Full Scottish" Platter, for one of our "Specials",  for the lighter, "Continental Option" or just cereals & toast, there's something for everyone.

Enjoy your breakfast & have a great day!


Pure Fruit Juices, Kellogg's Cereals, Home-made Muesli and Fresh Fruit.

Please ask for Prunes, Grapefruit Segments or both.


Breakfast Cranachan: A delicious mix of Greek Yoghurt, honey, our home-baked Nutty Oat Granola & Fresh Berries


Irene's Signature Porridges: Freshly made with Scottish Oats

The Original: sprinkled with Demerara Sugar & a drizzle of Whisky, served with fresh cream.

The 2012: topped with our home-baked Nutty Oat Granola & Prunes, served with fresh cream

The 2017: with Greek yoghurt and fresh fruits, drizzled with honey


Cooked Breakfasts.

Crubenbeg Traditional Scottish: Your choice of: Eggs, Fried, Scrambled or Poached, Bacon, Haggis, Black Pudding, Sausage, Fresh Tomato, Mushrooms, Baked Beans, Potato Scone.


The Number 10 Special: Local Haggis & Black Pudding. set on a Potato Scone, topped with a poached or fried Egg.


Eggstravaganza: Eggs, scrambled with diced Sausage, Cheese & Onion, topped with Bacon,

served on a Potato Scone, with Baked Beans on the side


Scottish Kipper with an Egg of Your Choice


Crubenbeg "Eggy Bread": A slice of our home-baked white bread, dunked in whisked egg - seasoned with a touch of Worcester Sauce & ground Black Pepper, then lightly fried on both sides.

(If you'd like, why not add a rasher or two of bacon?)


Scrambled Eggs with local Glen Feshie Hot-Smoked Salmon


Vegetarian's Delight: Scrambled Eggs, blended with Cheese, Onion & Crème Fraiche, served on a Potato Scone with fresh Tomato & Mushrooms


The Continental: Your choice of Fresh Ham, Cheese & Yoghurt.


Our famous Scottish Pancake Breakfast Stacks

All with 3 of Irene's freshly made Scottish Pancakes, drizzled with Syrup & topped with a Fried Egg.

The Breakfast Stack: Layered with grilled Bacon Rashers & Cheddar Cheese


The Bacon Stack: with grilled Bacon Rashers


The Vegetarian Stack: Layered with Fresh Tomato, Mushrooms & Cream Cheese


The Salmon Stack: Layered with Glen Feshie Hot-Smoked Salmon, Mushrooms, Cream Cheese.


Just Pancakes: 3 pancakes, served with fresh berries & drizzled with syrup, plain & simple.


Freshly Toasted Home-baked Bread – White, Wholemeal or Mixed.

Freshly Brewed Coffee or De-caff, Tea, Fruit Tea, Herbal Tea or Hot Chocolate.

Our breakfast meats & free range eggs are provided by George Gow in Kingussie.