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Irene's Recipes

Skirlie Chicken - Crubenbeg Guest House NewtonmoreIrene has always loved to cook; indeed, it is one of the things that she really enjoys about what we do here at Crubenbeg House. It is also one of the many things that guests are kind enough to tell us she does really well.

Over our 11 years in business, she has developed a superb, wide-ranging repertoire of dishes, with something to suit all tastes and dietary needs. She has also gained an enviable reputation, not only for her stunning breakfasts but also for her splendid dinners.

In April and again in December each year, we host a Cookery Weekend which, we are pleased to say, are always well supported and usually booked up well in advance. We have also been asked to arrange whole-house bookings for groups of guests who come to cook.

In between times, she is more than happy to share her recipes with guests who are kind enough to ask.

As something new for the website this year, we have been encouraged to post a few of her recipes for you to copy, try out in your own kitchen and, we hope, enjoy.

Over the past 2 years or so, whilst we've been fundraising for Maggie's Cancer Care, guests have been kind enough to make donations for the recipes.

If you would like to do the same, you still can by visiting John's Just Giving page. We'll be thrilled & grateful to you. Equally, if you prefer not, we'll be just as pleased to know that you've enjoyed making and eating one of Irene's signature dishes.

We will update the recipes on this page from time to time, to keep things fresh but, to get the ball rolling, here are some of Irene's most popular, most requested dishes.

Do, please, enjoy the cooking and, of course, the eating!!


Let's start at the very beginning........

We get our dinners underway with a small, deliciously tasty, appetiser - enough to get your taste buds fired up but not too much. After all, there's more to come and we'd not want to spoil your appetite.


And so to the main event.......

Call us old fashioned if you like but we believe that potatoes and two veg should accompany and compliment your main dish, whether that be meat, fish or vegetarian. We are happy to adjust portion sizes to suit your appetite so that you can "stay the course".


Ta Dah! The Finale.

Our desserts are our take on quite traditional desserts and puds, something you simply don't get in a lot of places these days. We also have home-made ice cream or a choice of cheeses, if you'd prefer.

Breads & Cakes

Whoever said that breads are boring? Mind you, that's something which is never said about cakes! Is it?

Irene works her magic on both with some tremendous recipes that are so good, you eat 'em on their own.