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The-Great-OutdoorsAre you a serious photographer or someone who, order like me, drug  just likes to take nice photos?

Are you interested in photographing landscapes, wildlife, birdlife, plants or simply in capturing wonderful holiday images?

Whatever your interest, this area offers you a plethora of opportunities to take some marvellous photos.

When you’re out for a drive or a walk, every bend in the road opens up a stunning new vista, each turn on the path a new flower or plant.

Our local wild creatures regularly pop up and “pose” but, of course, you’ll need to be quick – some of them are very, very camera shy!!

If you prefer not to leave things to chance, you can book to visit places where viewings of Badgers, Capercaillie, Black Grouse & Ospreys are as likely as they are going to be.

You can also take advantage of one of the workshops offered by our friend Neil McIntyre who kindly lets us use some of his excellent photos which do so much to brighten up our website.

You will find some of Neil’s work adorning our walls here too, together with pictures by two of our regular guests.

Alan Parr specialises in Fine Art photographs & illustrations, while Ken Foulis’s forte is photography in all its aspects. (Ken hosts our Photography Themed Breaks here at Crubenbeg House.)

You can see some examples of Alan & Ken’s work on our Gallery page.