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Highland Wildlife Park

For visitors of the Scottish Highlands, Highland Wildlife Park is a memorable day out in a spectacular setting and offers fun and enjoyment for all the family. The Highland Wildlife Park celebrates Scottish wildlife and has a wide and diverse range of animals and is home to over 200 amazing native Scottish species such as the Capercaillie and Scottish Wildcat. They work hard to protect rare endangered animals that live in the world’s mountainous and tundra regions.

Visitors can see two Amur tigers so bringing your camera is a must as you watch the two tigers going about their daily life. With only 450 Amur tigers in the wild, the Highland Wildlife Park is helping to conserve and restore the population as part of a scientifically managed breeding programme.

The park also has a Wolf Wood. Visitors can walk around the woodland and meet the European wolf pack, the forest reindeer, as well as the Turkmenian Markhor and Mishmi Takin. Throughout the woodland, you may also spot red squirrels at the many feeding stations. Elsewhere in the park, you can have a close encounter with the two resident Wolverines.

The main reserve in the Highland Wildlife Park can be accessed using your own vehicle or as part of a guided Land Rover tour. To ensure you don’t miss any of the animals in the reserve, you can journey through as many times as you like. Visitors can see the herd of bison, two polar bears as well as elks and deer.

The reserve is also home to many birds including lapwings, barnacle geese, and oystercatchers who have chosen the area for their home.

Plan your trip ahead of time, and you could enjoy the popular photography tours, where you can practice your photography skills while capturing beautiful images of the animals in the reserve. The Highland Wildlife Park is open all year round, but in bad weather conditions, it is wise to ring ahead to check the opening times.

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