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Ruthven Barracks

The Ruthven Barracks are situated near Ruthven in Badenoch, just a short distance away from Crubenbeg Country House. The barracks were originally built in 1719 and stand proudly to this day and are some of the best-preserved barracks to survive after the Jacobite rising. With a fascinating history and stunning scenery, the ruins of Ruthven Barracks can be enjoyed by visitors at any time without a charge.

While the barracks were built in 1719, they are situated on top of a mound at the site of a former castle. The first castle on this land was built in 1229 used by the Earl of Buchan, Alexander Stuart. Ruthven Castle was then demolished in 1451 and replaced by a second castle in 1459. In 1689 the castle was severely damaged during the Jacobite rising.

With growing unrest during the Jacobite uprisings, the British Army then built fortified barracks at Ruthven from 1719 with completion in 1721. The site had two buildings, each three-storeys tall giving two rooms per floor. The barracks had bastion towers in two opposite corners. The walls also had loopholes for musket firing.

The barracks were large enough to accommodate 120 troops and 28 horses. In 1745 the fortifications impressed as just 12 British soldiers successfully defended the barracks against 200 Jacobites. However, the following year, the barracks were surrendered to Jacobites. However, the British Army then retaliates and killed many of the Jacobites.

After a Jacobite retreat in 1746, the Jacobites destroyed the barracks after being told to leave by Prince Charles Edward Stuart. To this day, you can only see the ruined remains that were left after the Jacobites wreaked havoc on the land.

Now, Ruthven Barracks have a car park available and offers a fantastic walking location as you head up to the prominent barracks that provides excellent views for miles around.

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