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Whisky Trail

The Spey Valley is the home of Crubenbeg Country House as well as many whisky distilleries, making it the ideal location for a whisky trail throughout the distilleries. In fact, many of the distilleries in the Spey Valley are in close proximity, which means you can sample many of the delights in one single day.

There are many reasons why the Spey Valley was chosen as the ideal location for many distilleries. The crystal-clear spring waters feed the valley as well as having high-quality barley in abundance in the local area. From big name brands to small-batch producers, you can sample the delights and enjoy a tour at many of the distilleries.

Glenfiddich Distillery
Founded by William Grant in 1886, the distillery is one of the oldest family-owned distilleries in the Spey Valley. The tour includes an on-foot tour of the premises, where you can visit the still house and marvel at the unusual copper stills. You can also visit the warehouse to understand more about the maturing casks to produce excellent whiskies. You can then enjoy a tasting session of three of the single malts that Glenfiddich offer.

Glenlivet Distillery
Another popular distillery is Glenlivet, which offers a full range of tours and tasting sessions. The classic tour will take you through the distillery, while the Drams of Distinction is a tasting experience where you can sample rare whiskies that have been expertly paired with different foods for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Ballindalloch Distillery
The Ballindalloch distillery was founded in 1546 and has remained the home of the Macpherson-Grant family. Here you can explore an unusual approach to whisky making, that may surprise you compared to the larger brands. At Ballindalloch Distillery, you can take part in the production of the New Make Spirit. Each tour is relaxed with no rush, so you can take the time to soak up the atmosphere and sample at your leisure.

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